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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Geylang, the next big thing?

The captivating Kallang River Singapore
Geylang is famous for its delicious food and sleazes.

There many hardware shops.

Many contractors come to buy tools and equipments from the area.

There are many religious organisations/buildings around the area.

Huge varieties of shops cater from different needs.

With recent huge influx of tourists to the Integrated Resorts.

Many buildings were torn down to make way for condos or private apartments. There are 44 condo slated for completed soon. It could be the 2nd grade Orchard Road with so many condo being built.

It will fast become a middle class enclaves

Savvy investors find the area value for money. With high rental yields.

The area is relatively cheap compare to other area. With the expectation of more tourists coming to the sport hub and the integrated resorts nearby.

There were many construction activities around it.

A new sports hub $2 billion is in construction nearby to be completed by 2014.

With new hotels and mass developments announced. Many shops are upgrading and renovating.

The upgrading of Geylang River and later the Kallang River.

Many interior design companies set up shops in the area.

Everyday there were new signboards replaced and shops were upgraded and renovated in the area.

More can be done to enhance it, to make it the next big tourist attractions?

Could Geylang transform into the next big thing, maybe in term of drawing of tourists.

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