The amazing James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Monday, June 15, 2009

An interesting evening of photographic shootout with the flickr members

CC contacted me for a photographic sessions at the riverine, I agreed. CC and Soo Ching turned up first at The Central. Benda and Greg came later, Eric Lim joined at a brief moment.

After taking some photos Eric left. From The Central, we started taking photos at the Clark Quay area. The beautiful sun was setting. At that night the sunset was particularly beautiful. It turned out to be my most popular photo in Facebook. It is not often to get comments on your photos in Facebook.

Take a look at this stunning photo: and also on Flickr:

We continued to the Boat Quay and continued our photographic sessions and exchanged some tips. My camera battery was flat so I left a bit early. They continued. What a fantastic and interesting night out with the Flickr members.

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