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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wow! Italian artist use my photo for her work

A reply from Luisa of Italy:

Hello Henry,
i will certainly inform and send you a link to the
drawing, but I am not there, yet.
I just printed the long strip which includes your photo
and I am about starting the drawing.
Do not worry, I won't forget to keep you posted.
Thanks again!


lurabbia No real name given


your photos and my drawings

Hello Leong,
congratulations for your photos!
My name is Luisa Rabbia, I am an Italian artist. I work with different media, especially with drawings and I am currently collecting images on line from Romania, Marocco and Torino. the idea is to mix those images and built a surreal landscape on which I can draw. (Why images from those three places? because the highest number of immigrants in Torino is from Morocco and Romania. The idea is to built a new landscape mixing the three different cultures together and to use it as a background for my drawings). While surfing on line I landed on your flickr web site and a couple of your images have caught my attention so I'd like to know if I could use some of them - crediting each photo with your name on the original photo in which I'll draw. I cannot attach here any pics to show you how the surreal landscape will look like, but you can check this link out:
it shows you another project I developed same way, but using old images from China (the blue trees-roots are my drawings).
I would really appreciate if you could tell me your feeling about it, since I won't use your images without your permission, but I am also very excited about starting the project!
ps the image i am interested on is at this page:

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