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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The amazing social media marketing course at TMC Acadermy

Received an  email to take the internet course (Social Media Marketing) at TMC Academy

Went to the course which was sponsored by the government - #Skillsfuture

The instructor claimed that he spent a huge amount of money learnt all these courses that can made millions, the internet courses that enabled to help him  to retire early to make passive income.

He said we need to to consistently built up our skills step by step, which need lot of hard work.

Asked how to viral our posts, he said it is subjective, some viral up only one time or one hit wonder, like a korean hit song and the USA  Got Talent internet sensation William

He liked to cracks  jokes that make the course fun and interesting.

It is a 2 day course, each time 4 hours.

The  course we took teach us how to use facebook  for marketing  in the first half and other social medias in marketing  in the second part.

The course is worth $500 paid through #Skillfuture fund.

When ask what he sell, he said he sell himself.

Some of the trainers would come to assist you, if you got any enquiries.


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