James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My most nerve wracking journey - Travelling to Hallstatt

Fortunately I am able to go there, with the discouragement of the Singapore tour agency, and the discouragement of the tour director there, I insist on going there myself, took a cab from the hotel in Vienna, to the railway station, traveled 300KM , fortunately one person seated opposite me told me he is going there too, reach there still got to take a boat to the opposite shore, this place is the photo I had framed for 20 over years, which I hope to see, finally able to see it, I still got to return journey, I can't missed, the tour group, which will leave Vienna tomorrow early morning, met a lady sitting opposite said she too going to the same place Vienna, daimoku works - my most nerve wracking journey.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A spine chilling journey to see Neuschwanstein Castle

From Prague to Munich I nearly lost my way, after the tour group went separate ways on my own, I was directed in Singapore to take a train, as I ask the person the train staff working there, if by train I need to go upper floor to look at the screen.
There is a misunderstanding, which I went up myself and ask the worker there, which don't speak English, he asked me to go inside the train, fortunately one person, while I was going into the train, told me this is not the train, after seeing the ticket.
So I went down to ask the enquiry counter staff, she brought me to a ticketing counter and direct me to a counter for me to decide to take a bus or train, my ticket supposed to be able to choose between a coach and taking a long distance coach, we rush up, but it already gone.
So I got to go back to change the to to 1pm from 10.30 am. I reach Munich and next morning walk 10 minutes to a place to wait for a coach which went to different locations to pick up people from different locations, to see the castle http://www.neuschwanstein.de/englisch/palace/.
Which the tour director related the story of the mad king was in heavy debt trying building this castle in the hair, the castle was very popular.
It was raining heavily yet it did not stop lots of people waiting for the bus to bring us up to see the castle, I had seen the duplicate castle in 3 Disneyland in the world, this is the original one. The inside was awesome and mystical. Another spine chilling episode of my journey.