James Cook University at Sims Drive

James Cook University Sims Drive Singapore

Thursday, November 19, 2015

My amazing interview with radio One FM 91.3 - Mark Van Cuylenburg, Glenn Ong & Andre Hoeden

My amazing interview with the Flying Dutchman Mark Van Cuylenburg, Glenn Ong & Andre Hoeden of One FM

I got a called from Andre Hoeden, they  were interested to interview me on how I'm able to, from sleeping on the street to traveling the world, after the saw my story from the website Stomp Singapore Seen - Singaporean from sleeping in the street to travelling the world. which they got my phone and called me for an interview.

I was asked numerous questions through emails and had replied Andre Hoeden.

I went to SPH centre at Toa Payoh, Andre came down to fetch me upstairs to the studio.

In the first part we discuss about, on how I had stayed in a one room flat, with 10 persons staying, every night, I brought a cardboard and pillow out to the end of the corridor outside my house to sleep at 1130 pm at the end there, subjected to all weather conditions. And my family karmic illnesses, due to the hot stove, which need to steam the food.

I got to wait until all the residents there all asleep then can went out at 1130 pm, until I was 27 years old, when I had my own flat. For many years I needed to wake up early in the morning at 4 am to run the hawker stall.

Mark Van Cuylenburg, which he urged me to talk about the better time, which when I started chanting, I told them offline.

After that they play the advert, we continue on the second half, on how I found a job, a company - S'pore Press Holdings, which paid me 6 and the half month bonus, that was the turning point of my life, nearby my house, then after I worked 2 years  and able to buy a 3 room flat, and a co worker introduced me to stocks in 1990.

I  read everything I can about stocks and developed my method of picking the right stocks, the same method I used to forecast which topic the will come out when I retook my 3 subjects, which I predicted accurately, which topic would come out, that I didn't pass, and through the good fortune in investments and chanting, as Eric Yeo Kheng Leong had reintroduced it to me,

And through my investments, I am able to travels to many parts of the world. And raise a family with 2 kids. My 2 kids do well in their studies, My travelling around the world  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTNruPGLy8g&t=31s,piAJE88https://get.google.com/albumarchive/118358995002919924292/album/AF1QipMQPKbPgBNLP7HF8DZF19yKsZ4e7v4k-piAJE88

My elder son through my hours and hours of daimoku got the result way beyond my expectation, My young son got to edusave awards whereas most got one.

As we continued to discuss various aspect of my life on and off line. The 3 of us continued to discuss with. I had told them I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

The last part is my lastest benefits.

Through chanting millions and millions of daimoku, offerings, activities, photostating the binders for members, I am able to transform my family poverty, disharmony and karmic illnesses. Through gohonzon power, I am able to surpass my potential beyond my imagination

The one room flat photo from Lau Kok Kok,

Photo from One FM - FM91.3


https://timesofmylife.wordpress.com/2007/08/24/1-room-flat/#comment-43518, a blogger describe how is the one room flat corridor

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The amazing New York City tour

Brooklyn Bridge
Going to the New York City on my own is one of my most challenging experiences in my travels. In 4 different mode of transport, by shuttle bus, railway, subway and cab.

I got to take a shuttle bus from the hotel to the Brunswick station railway line to Penn station in NYC, then asked one lady she brought me to the subway to take the subway to Canal Road station at New York City Chinatown.

 Photo: The train to Penn station

At 10.35am, which I started my journey, I reached the Chinatown after my meal at New Wong Hon restaurant at nearly 2 pm, start walking to Brooklyn bridge, the crowd were huge, then started walking to the Wall Street, it was barricaded.

Photo; Deep fried squid at New Hon Wong

After taking some photos I walked back to Chinatown, ate a huge bowl of fish head soup. Then try finding the Canal Station this time is only 2 stations not 5 stations as before when I came. 

I got to keep asking people for directions. Walking up out the station looking for Penn Station railway line and back to Brunwick Station at New Jersey to take a cab home to the hotel, the trip from New Jersey is more than 50 KM  and reached back to the hotel at 7 pm.  Tomorrow morning the group got to leave the hotel and to tour NYC and took a flight back to Singapore

I went on my own as the tour group went to shopping nearby at New Jersey. I tour edNYC my own in case I follow the tour group and miss something I was not able to see.