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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The amazing New York City tour

Brooklyn Bridge
Going to the New York City on my own is one of my most challenging experiences in my travels. In 4 different mode of transport, by shuttle bus, railway, subway and cab.

I got to take a shuttle bus from the hotel to the Brunswick station railway line to Penn station in NYC, then asked one lady she brought me to the subway to take the subway to Canal Road station at New York City Chinatown.

 Photo: The train to Penn station

At 10.35am, which I started my journey, I reached the Chinatown after my meal at New Wong Hon restaurant at nearly 2 pm, start walking to Brooklyn bridge, the crowd were huge, then started walking to the Wall Street, it was barricaded.

Photo; Deep fried squid at New Hon Wong

After taking some photos I walked back to Chinatown, ate a huge bowl of fish head soup. Then try finding the Canal Station this time is only 2 stations not 5 stations as before when I came. 

I got to keep asking people for directions. Walking up out the station looking for Penn Station railway line and back to Brunwick Station at New Jersey to take a cab home to the hotel, the trip from New Jersey is more than 50 KM  and reached back to the hotel at 7 pm.  Tomorrow morning the group got to leave the hotel and to tour NYC and took a flight back to Singapore

I went on my own as the tour group went to shopping nearby at New Jersey. I tour edNYC my own in case I follow the tour group and miss something I was not able to see.

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